The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!

Hello World! (Sorry for the computer geek reference.) This is mostly a test post, so I'll keep it brief.

This is the first post on the official blog of The Wedge Garden - a community garden in the Pullen Park neighborhood of Raleigh, NC. The garden space was established by the Alexander Family YMCA in partnership with folks from the Pullen Park, Cameron Park, Cameron Village and West Morgan neighborhoods and the Hillsborough Citizens' Advisory Council.

We've done a ton of work to get to this point--meeting, planning, assembling materials, negotiating with local businesses and institutions--but tomorrow we really kick things off! In the morning, several dozen people, both neighbors and volunteers from the Service Raleigh program, will descend on the site to construct garden beds. We've got lots of shovels, gloves and wheelbarrows at the ready--not to mention 12 TONS of compost and topsoil!

For your viewing pleasure, and so you can see how far we've come after this weekend, here are a couple of "before" photos. More to come soon!

(The lot, and 12 tons of compost and topsoil. Those cans are not litter--they're marking the corners of our bed layout. How's that for recycling?)

(The view from street...we have so much good stuff to work with!)