The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Squash Harvest!

Last weekend saw the first real fruits of our labor--a pile of squash! We definitely earned them, too...we spent most of the morning combating the dreaded squash vine borer. This winged pest is the scourge of squash, cucumber and watermelon lovers everywhere, because they're so hard to get rid of once the eggs have hatched and the caterpillars have tunneled their way into the plants. We took them on the old-fashioned way on Saturday, making an incision in the vine near the borer's hole, picking out the caterpillar and tossing them out for the birds to enjoy. Merciless? Yeah...a little.

We then patched up our plant patients with masking tape and buried the incision under a mound of rich, compost-enhanced soil. It's been three days, and so far the plants appear to be recovering very well--more squash is already ready for picking!

We've also got a ton of Roma tomatoes that are on the verge of starting to ripen and turn red, and the first Yellow Pear tomatoes are turning, well, yellow. We are also watching the eggplants grow bigger and bigger, and we expect to start picking those soon!

At this coming Saturday's workday, we'll be assembling our picnic table, building a compost bin, pruning tomatoes, picking squash and cucumbers, weeding and watering. Hope to see you there--we're about to be harvesting far more than the regular volunteers can eat!