The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Great Day at Packapalooza!

What a great day at Packapalooza!  We set up a table for the Wedge Garden and had lots of visitors like Dan & Kate, Bridget and family, the gardeners from the SOUL Garden, Service Raleigh participants and the NCSU Sustainability Stewards. Thank you all for visiting.

We will be at the garden every Wednesday after work and Saturday mornings. With all the new gardeners, there are lots of great ideas and projects lined up. Come by to help us create signs, layout pine straw to preserve the perennial herbs & flowers, plant veggies for the fall, build a few new beds, and create a better home for the strawberries.

If you can make it on Wednesday or Saturday, everyone is welcome any day of the week. Looking forward to another great season!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Have a toothache? We have an herb for you.

We received eight “toothache” plants or Spilantes Acmella oleracea from Kay at Grow and Share, Inc. I gave away six and kept two. Out of the two I kept, one was inadvertently “killed” by a gardener. The other is now blossoming beautifully in the garden. This striking plant has golden, globe-shaped flowers with a red center. Spilanthes is an interesting plant to behold and to taste! It is one of the strongest saliva-promoters I know; even a tiny nibble from one of the flowers will set your mouth to drool. The tingly numbing sensation is used to soothe toothaches and acts as an oral anodyne. All the aboveground parts are medicinal, and can be chewed fresh or dried. It can also be put it into formulas with Echinacea as an immune stimulant for augmenting the body’s internal defenses against the colds and flu.

You can harvest the plant a few times during the growing season— I have cut it back once so far and am drying it in the pantry closet in a brown bag. You also wan to protect the plants from slugs, as they will devour it—slug candy, indeed! Spilanthes is one of the easiest to grow medicinal herbs, and kids absolutely love it!

My goal is to dry the plant and give away to neighbors to try out. I’ll be bringing it by in a few weeks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Taste of the Wedge Garden

The garden party was a total success! Thank you all for coming to get a taste of our harvest. Some of the tastings were zucchini muffins by “Serafina,” zucchini crust pizza by “Giovanna,”  tzatziki by “Apollonia,”  tomato mozzarella by “Rocco,”  babaganoush & hummus by “Jimmy & Lucia Mancini,”  Armenian cucumber salad by “Francesca,” fresh figs from our fig tree by ”Giovanni.”  We also made cucumber infused drink and rose water.  The cucumbers were from our garden, but of course not the roses.

Blue Mango Restaurant from Glenwood South was very generous with garlic naan, masala mogo, which is yucca, with tamarind sauce, and potato patties.
We would like to thank the Alexander Family YMCA staff & visitors, Grow & Share, Hillsborough CAC, Raleigh Community Services, Will Allen & family, Amy Witnyski & Marian, Dan Bagley & Family, Sue & Lyle, Vince & Wrenn Whitehurst, Jessica, George from Community Development, Julie & Paul, Lawson, Elizabeth Lane, Bridget, Giovanni and my unsung hero, Francesco, for joining us and making this party such a success.

At the Wedge, we are starting to plant another round of tomatoes. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Wedge Garden as a member, join us Saturday mornings to garden or email us at Help us grow and donate 200 lbs of produce to Plant a Row for the Hungry by year end. We also share our harvest with our members, sponsors, & food pantries.
Membership is super easy & a lot of fun. With $60 annual dues you are welcome to garden any day of the week.  The garden is open 7 days a week. Many of us garden Saturday mornings and some garden during the week.  We hope you will join the Wedge Garden!