The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vertical Strawberry Planters Built by NCSU Students

Although it's cold out and the fall season is coming to an end, there are still lots of fun projects being done at the garden. 

At the Wedge, we feel privileged to be supported by NCSU students on various projects. Elliot Holmes an Environmental Science major student and Connor Food Science major student built vertical strawberry planters on Saturday. We met Elliott at the pumpkin carving party and noticed on his resume he likes to build things. At the Wedge, part of our mission is to get underprivileged kids to eat fruits and vegetables. So we asked Elliott if he would be willing to build vertical strawberry planters.  Elliott went home, researched the project for two days and said, "I wanted to get back to you about the End of the Year project within a couple of days. We can definitely complete/build the strawberry garden stand." 

Elliott then recruited Connor to help him build the planters. They researched the planter, learned about it, went to Lowe's to pick up the items needed and were at the garden before 9am Saturday morning to get started. 

We are honored and grateful to have such wonderful students and responsible citizens of Raleigh help work towards our overall vision of growing a healthier neighborhood at the Wedge. 

Of course we can't do all this without help from community sponsors. The funding for the project came from Charles Pedro a new resident of the Triangle. Charles arrived in Raleigh in early August joined the Sierra Club and started to learn about the three cities. He now lives in Durham, but we won't hold this against him.  The design for the planters came from a blog Ruffles &  Truffles.

We can't thank all of you enough for all your support. 

Next step, get a little help from Haven House volunteers to plant strawberries in the planters. 

Shamsa Visone, Connor, Elliott Holmes & Charles Pedro

Elliott Holmes

Monday, November 10, 2014

Art in the Garden with Roots & Shoots

The Wedge needs some color and NC Roots & Shoots along with Mills spent the afternoon making concrete plates and painting rocks.

NC Roots & Shoots gives young people the opportunity to truly make a difference locally, nationally and globally, through service projects promoting care and concern for the environment, animals and human communities. Colleges and universities, nationwide and internationally, host Roots & Shoots groups and participate in Roots & Shoots projects. Group projects cover a diverse range of topics, depending on the interests and concerns of the local members.

NC Roots & Shoots are a student group at NC State. As you can see from the photos they came to make a difference and they did! Looking forward to seeing all of you in the garden again. See more photos from the event by clicking one of the social sites below. 


with "Fiorella" & NC Roots & Shoots


Plates for Sidewalk

Painting Rocks as Garden Markers


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Great Collaborations at the Wedge

Meet Cindy Sanborn (right) and Mary Osborn "Fiorella" (left).  Cindy is an Extension Master Gardener and "Fiorella" is an undergraduate at NC State majoring in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology. And we have Deborah Bromiley with AmeriCorps of Wake County.

Last fall, our goal was to beautify the front area, but we didn't have enough resources. Dr. Jeana Myers, Horticulture Agent for Wake County introduced us to Cindy.  Cindy went above and beyond to help us design our sidewalk.  Cindy worked hand in hand with Mary in designing and selecting perennials for the sidewalk.   Dr. Jeana Myers, said, "Cindy is a professional, literally and in the way she takes care of business!" 

The sidewalk was dug up and the soil was prepped by AmeriCorp last Friday.  Come Service Raleigh in the spring, our sidewalk will be blooming with flowers such as Red Hibiscus, Echinacea, Dianthus and Red Aster.

Thank you Cindy, Mary and AmeriCorp for collaborating with us to continue to make this garden a true community garden where we all garden together. 

"Fiorella, Francesca" and Cindy

Deborah with AmeriCorp of Wake County