The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Great Collaborations at the Wedge

Meet Cindy Sanborn (right) and Mary Osborn "Fiorella" (left).  Cindy is an Extension Master Gardener and "Fiorella" is an undergraduate at NC State majoring in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology. And we have Deborah Bromiley with AmeriCorps of Wake County.

Last fall, our goal was to beautify the front area, but we didn't have enough resources. Dr. Jeana Myers, Horticulture Agent for Wake County introduced us to Cindy.  Cindy went above and beyond to help us design our sidewalk.  Cindy worked hand in hand with Mary in designing and selecting perennials for the sidewalk.   Dr. Jeana Myers, said, "Cindy is a professional, literally and in the way she takes care of business!" 

The sidewalk was dug up and the soil was prepped by AmeriCorp last Friday.  Come Service Raleigh in the spring, our sidewalk will be blooming with flowers such as Red Hibiscus, Echinacea, Dianthus and Red Aster.

Thank you Cindy, Mary and AmeriCorp for collaborating with us to continue to make this garden a true community garden where we all garden together. 

"Fiorella, Francesca" and Cindy

Deborah with AmeriCorp of Wake County