The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Wedge Garden is going to start highlighting one of our in-kind sponsors each week, in order to show our appreciation for all that they have done for the garden and the community.

This week's Sponsor is Van & Anne Fletcher and Family

Van & Anne Fletcher, with their three lovely kids, Jack, Luke and Sarah, live in Pullen Park Neighborhood. They have witnessed the garden go from an empty parcel to a neighborhood garden with just a few gardeners to a garden welcoming the city!

The Fletcher family has such an amazing presence in the garden! Last fall, Anne and the kids came out for the pumpkin-carving event and had the best time. Jack picked up all the seeds from the only fennel plant that survived and Luke is so sweet; he thanked us for inviting him to the special party. Last but certainly not least, Sarah has her birthday right around Service Raleigh each year! Even the Cupcake Shoppe comes out to celebrate with her; hopefully they’ll give us more cupcakes next year to help celebrate Sara! 

In 2014, we accomplished many things including a wonderful herb garden for the entire community. This project could not have been possible without Van & Anne’s sponsorship.  The herb garden has been such a great success; they are sponsoring it again this year! They feel the Wedge Garden is “Is a common ground for relationships to grow and lives to be touched!” and they have surely touched many lives by their sponsorship, for all the neighborhoods to enjoy! Thank you for all you’ve done!

We are planting the herb garden again, but this time we are taking requests. So what is your favorite herb? Please email with an herb of your choice and we will plant it.
We already have our first request – lots of Lemon Verbena for Trophy Brewing.
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

NCSU Applied Nutrition Students' Experience as Edible Art Instructors

My name is Allison Johanson and I am a recent intern at the Wedge Garden in Raleigh. I am a sophomore studying Applied Nutrition at NC State and was really looking for an opportunity to incorporate volunteering into my major. I came across the Wedge Garden, and learned about the WedgeConnect Program, they were looking to begin an edible art nutrition program with the youth from Haven House. 

My friend, Kelly Clute, and I were able to meet with a mentor and local nutritionist and blogger, Laura Schoenfeld.  Laura graciously offered her time to give us advice on how to go about the program, and what could make learning about fruits and vegetables more interesting. Our first workshop was on April 11 and went really well for the first try! We had 3 kids from Haven House.  and a Campbell Law School student volunteer with us creating skeletons out of celery, carrots, grapes, peppers, hummus, and oranges, It was fun to see the creativity and uniqueness they showed while building their craft. 

The support from Shamsa Visone from the Wedge Garden, a sponsorship by Francesco Visone for the vegetables, Haven House, and Laura has been so helpful in beginning this program and we hope that the Haven House kids enjoyed it as much as Kelly and I did. So far it has been a great experience. Our next workshop is May 16. If you are interested in getting involved or sponsoring a workshop, please contact We look forward to more workshops in the future!

If you are interested in getting nutritional advice or would like to just read about food, sign up for Laura's blog Ancestralize Me

Francesco Visone (sponsor), Shamsa  Visone, Allison Johanson, & Kelly Clute

Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wedge Garden Receives City of Raleigh Environmental Award

On April 22nd, Earth Day, Francesco and I attended the City of Raleigh Environmental Awards ceremony at the Natural Science Museum. These awards honor individuals and organizations who have accomplished outstanding work in  environmental stewardship.

We met lots of wonderful community members like Arthur & Anya Gordon of Irregardless Cafe, Donna-maria Harris and Paula Stroub from the Office of Sustainability, Catie McEntee from the NCSU SOUL Garden, Paul from Liberty Community Garden and Donna Harris from the Alexander Family YMCA. We even have a photo with Mayor Nancy McFarlane. 

To our surprise, the Wedge Garden received the M/I Homes Urban Agriculture Award that encourages the development of urban agriculture within Raleigh!

Thank you Environmental Awards Jury for your recognition and support. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SPONSOR OF THE WEEK! DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli

Wedge Garden is going to start highlighting one of our in-kind sponsors each week, in order to show our appreciation for all that they have done for the garden and the community.

This week's Sponsor is DeMo’sPizzeria & Deli 

Francesco Visone with Anthony DeMarco, Co-Owner

DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli is a local-owned pizza shop on Glenwood South that features New York-style pizza and deli sandwiches. Walking into DeMo’s is like walking into your family’s pizza shop. The employees greet every one with a “What’s up” handshake and lots of smiles. DeMo’s is co-founded and co-owned by Anthony DeMarco and Clay Adams, both Raleigh natives.

DeMo’s serves high quality items with top of the line ingredients. The pizzas feature fresh dough that is made in-house daily, a homemade pizza sauce recipe that dates back over 20 years.  The deli line at DeMo’s resembles that of a standard NY style deli.  They even bake gluten free pizza! 

Using local ingredients and being active participants in their community is one of their main goals. Last year DeMo’s sponsored a lunch at The Wedge Garden for the Marian Drane Scholars 

Early this year Anthony DeMarco sponsored lunch for the Seaboard ACE Hardware team greenhouse installation.  We expect another full harvest this year at the Wedge and DeMo’s has pledged to sponsor our events once a month! 

We are so grateful for all DeMo’s has done for us and plan to do and hope you'll shop at DeMo’s next time you are in the mood for some NY style pizza! 

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WedgeConnect Program

Meet Christina, NCSU student majoring in Biology who just joined the WedgeConnect Program, which helps college students build skills and experience for the real world, while doing good for the community. Students design and lead a project for the garden with the help of professional mentors and businesses. Projects have included photojournalism, blogging, reporting, poetry (coming in May), educational edible art workshops, and so much more. The Wedge Community Garden’s goal is not only to grow beautiful fruits and veggies, but also to grow young community leaders.

Christina and Anna Tsui have teamed up to figure out what's eating the broccoli plants. Christina has a strong interest in horticulture and wants to gain experience at the Wedge. If you see Christina & Anna in the garden with some neem oil and water, they are caring for the plants.

Thank you students for your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Partnering with Grow & Share

Francesco Visone and I drove up to North Raleigh today to help Linda Gaskins at Grow and Share transplant over 200 seedlings of tomato plants. Grow And Share is a non-profit fighting hunger from the ground up through gardening education, garden and community building. Combating hunger throughout the US is critical during these economic times, and crucial to our future food supply. 

The only thing Grow and Share asks for in return is to do exactly that - grow the food and share with your choice of charity. 

Last year Grow and Share donated to the Wedge Garden about 60 - 70 seedlings of tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, all sorts of hot peppers and herbs.  For the first time, with this donation and other donations by Chris Kafer (Cameron Park Resident) and Francesco Visone, in 2014 we grew over 500 lbs of produce and shared 90% of it with the community including Plant a Row for the Hungry. For those who attended the Taste of the Wedge Garden party last year saw the garden overflowing with summer produce. 

This year we plan to grow at least 500 lbs with the help of community members, NC State students and Haven House youth. Here's to another great season!

Shamsa & Francesco Visone

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Now introducing the Sponsor of the Week...

Wedge Garden is going to start highlighting one of our in-kind sponsors each week, in order to show our appreciation for all that they have done for the garden and the community.
This week's Sponsor is Seaboard ACE Hardware

Seaboard ACE Hardware is a local, family-owned hardware store that gives customers the unique experience of leaving their front door, entering the store, and feeling like they're back at their garage or workshop space. The employees greet every one with a smile, their name, and are always willing to lend a hand. At Seaboard ACE, "helping you is the most important thing [they] have to do today!" and that is definitely the case when looking at Bob King's involvement with the Wedge Community Garden!

In January, Bob King and the ACE Hardware crew donated supplies and came out to build our new greenhouse. Without them, the garden wouldn't have anywhere to start the seeds that lead to all of the wonderful crops we have!

Then once again, Bob King and Seaboard ACE came to our rescue during 2015 Service Raleigh on March 28. The ACE crew including Mike Cole, Josh Britt, Tony Diaz, and Robert Moss all spent over 20 hours to make a bulletin board and then came out to install it. All donated by Bob King. We are so grateful for all Seaboard ACE hardware has done for us and hope you'll go visit our friendly neighborhood hardware store for your next project! @seaboardace #raleigh