The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Asset Based Community Development at the Wedge

Asset Based Community Development at the Wedge
Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is a strategy for sustainable, community-driven advancement and mobilization. ABCD allows for communities to independently drive a development process by identifying and rallying existing assets and therefore, responding to and creating economic opportunity for the community.

In-Kind Community Donations- $3,615       73%
HCAC Grant- $920        19%
Individual Donations- $240         5%
Garden Dues- $160         3%
The Wedge Community Garden operates under the ABCD methodology. The motivation behind the Wedge is to build a garden that involves the support of the community and the bringing together of neighbors, business leaders, volunteers and students. The driving force for the garden comes from the encouragement, hard work and donations of the local community, neighbors, and business leaders.  It is in this commitment to success that the garden keeps expanding and growing year after year.  The Wedge has gone from an eye sore in the community to a garden, overflowing with produce, activity, and educational opportunities.

Pant a Row for the Hungry 55%
Neighbors, Gardeners, Volunteers, and NCSU Students 39%
Food Pantry 6%

As a source of pride, the Wedge Community Garden shares a majority of its produce with local food pantries and charitable organizations that feed families who are food-insecure in the Triangle area.  Neighbors, gardeners, volunteers, and students are invited to share in the harvest as well. 

We also work with lead connectors throughout the community. One special lead connector is Vince Whitehurst. Vince lives in the Pullen Park Neighborhood and has been a big supporter of the Wedge for many years. In February 2014, he presented to the Hillsborough Citizens Advisory Council, in efforts to obtain a yearly fund. Members of the council approved the fund and the Wedge Garden was given the opportunity to become a “pure” community garden that welcomes all citizens. Vince then got the support of the Pullen Park residents for all of our garden projects and he attends each annual event at the garden. Vince has been thus far satisfied with the Wedge’s progress, stating: “the garden exceeded [his] expectations of what was possible with that little wedge of land!”

Thank you Vince for all that you have done for the garden. We look forward to another great harvest season with the community!