The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

City Council recognizes the Wedge!

The recognition for Raleigh’s Wedge Community Garden continues...

Representing the Wedge Garden were Francesco & Shamsa Visone, Sue and Lyle Adley-Warrick, Mary Osborn, Pamela and Alexander Lietz, Sarah Fletcher, Melody Owens and Emily Ferdyn

On June 16th, during the 1pm session, the Wedge Garden received recognition by the Raleigh City Council!  Councilman Odum presented us with this great recognition from the City of Raleigh. Afterwards, Shamsa had the opportunity to address the city council about education for today’s youth on eating healthier for tomorrow. Many past and current members of the Wedge Garden team joined Shamsa at the ceremony. Two special attendees on Tuesday were Sue Adley-Warrick and Ana Duncan Pardo. These ladies pioneered in the early days of the garden and we are so thankful for them. Ana says she is very proud of all the garden’s success and supports it fully!

            Along with this wonderful recognition on Tuesday, the garden has had the honor of welcoming both Councilwoman Kay Crowder and Councilman Eugene Weeks for private tours over the past week. Councilwoman Crowder and the garden staff shared gardening tips (that the garden has already begun to implement!) and Mrs. Crowder even took home some cucumbers! Councilwoman Crowder was very proud of the garden and said that she thinks “it [the Wedge] stands as a real testament to what Wedge Gardens can be and what they add, as far as community involvement involving children goes.” During his tour, Councilman Eugene Weeks was amazed by our communal garden! He believes that “the Wedge Garden is the way we should be going” and even joked that Councilwoman Crowder only got cucumbers while he got to take home everything! His takings included lettuce, cucumber, herbs, and pepper. We enjoyed the Councilmember’s visits greatly and they are welcome back any time to our true community garden. We would like to extend our invitation to other city officials to also come out for a private tour of the Wedge garden.