The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

The Wedge at 214 Park Avenue

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sponsor of the Week! Glenwood South

The Wedge Garden is meant to be a place in our community where people can come together to learn and grow in a welcoming and open environment. None of this would be possible without the support of The Wedge’s many sponsors who work to help our garden thrive. One group of sponsors that is especially important to us here at The Wedge, is all of our friends over on Glenwood South. Many Glenwood businesses and neighbors have donated their time, food, and services to the garden and so we wanted to give each of them the recognition that they deserve!

Seen here: Lilly Gray at Raleigh Wine Shop; Maurizio, Owner at Tesoro Hair Design; Jason and Lauren at De'Mo's; Thomas, Manager at Sushi Blues; Sara, Owner of Cupcake Shoppe; Akram at Zaky's and Bob and Sue Lohr.

The Wedge Garden loves our Glenwood restaurants because they donate one of our favorite things at the garden… FOOD! Blue Mango served some of its delicious Indian food at Taste of the Wedge Garden in 2014. At our greenhouse installation, DeMo’s served lunch and the volunteer’s couldn’t have been happier. And last but not least, Zaky’s brought lunch for the ShermanWilliam’s Kid’s Painting Day! They served fresh, family made Mediterranean and Palestinian food including the best falafel in Raleigh! Our volunteers work hard at each event and these amazing donated meals are just what they need at the end of a long garden day.

Our restaurant sponsors are loved but who can forget the wonderful businesses on Glenwood South! Raleigh Wine Shop, the Cupcake Shoppe, Sushi Blues Cafe, and Tesoro Hair Design were all kind enough to donate gift certificates for our big Service Raleigh event in March. These certificates were given to many of our incredible volunteers who came out to work that day. The Wedge loves to show our volunteers that we appreciate them and we couldn’t have done that without these awesome gifts!

Many residents of Glenwood have also reached out to help The Wedge! Bob and Sue Lohr sponsored our intern, Mary’s, sidewalk project. Whenever you go to the garden and see all of the beautiful perennials, the Lohr’s are partly to thank! And of course, Stephen Votino and family donated the sign holders that are spread throughout the garden. Thanks to him, visitors can tell what’s growing in each bed and the garden can run much smoother!

The Wedge Garden loves our sponsors and we know you will too so, go check them out next time you’re around Glenwood South!!!